This past Saturday (March 4, 2017), both the Elementary and Beginner Team competed at the 2017 March Mania competition in Newmarket.  This was the final competition of the season and it was a great one for both teams!

The Elementary Team had two great skates at this competition giving them a season best in scores and ranking.  We are so proud how the team had a 12th place in the first competition and ending in 7th place in this last competition.  It is amazing how they moved up 5 places in ranking this season.  They were relaxed and having so much fun during their skates at March Mania.  It was great to see!


The Beginner Team as had another great skate at March Mania and came away with their best score of the season too.  This has resulted in a Gold Medal for the team!  What a great season for the Beginner Team this year!!

It has been an amazing 2016-2017 season for the Ice Dreams and we couldn’t be prouder of their success!

It was wonderful to see how much both teams have grown and improved over the season.  We couldn’t have been so successful this year without the strong effort from all of our skaters and the support of their families.  We also couldn’t have done this without our fantastic coaches Karen, Allison and Jen.

We are looking forward to building upon these successes next year.