Allison Proudfoot

Allison is a certified Primary StarSkate (Level 1) coach and ISPC (Level 2) trained. She has been skating her entire life and was a synchronized skater for 17 seasons including 6 seasons with NEXXICE Senior. With NEXXICE she competed at 6 World Championships winning the bronze medal in 2007 and 2008, and in 2009 becoming the first North American team to become World Champions in Synchronized Skating. This season she is also competing on a team at the Adult 1 level as well as coaching an Adult 3 team. In singles skating she has achieved triple gold status by completing 3 Gold Skating tests. Outside of skating, Allison has a BA in Theatre Studies, an MA in Drama and a BEd from OISE.

Allie Biederman

Level 3 Certified National Coach. Synchronized Skating Coach Beginner to Novice Provincial Level (Silver Medallists Ontario Winter Games). Competitive Singles Coach at the Pre Juvenile – Junior Levels; Sectional Medallists, National Competitors. Starskate Competitors Coach – Juvenile – Gold (Including Triathlon) medallists at both Central Ontario and Provincial Championships. Consistently have students named to various Athlete Development teams within Central Ontario and National Level. Named by Skate Canada to the National Coach Apprenticeship Program – 2013