Ice Dreams Teams have a few more spots available.  Come join this great team!

If you are interested in joining the Ice Dreams Team or want more information, please contact us at


What are the minimum skills required?

Beginner: Skaters trying out must have passed Stage 5 badge or higher.  There is no age limit for the beginner team; however 75% of the team must be under the age of 12 as of July 1, 2017; most skaters are between 7 and 10 years old.

Elementary: Skaters need to be able to do backwards crosscuts, 3 turns and mohawks in both directions with speed and flow. Skaters must be under 15 years old on July 1, 2017.


What happens during the tryouts?

The coaches assess your child’s skating skills by watching her/him perform skating skills such as edges, turns, forwards and backwards stroking and field move elements such as spirals. Your child will be made to feel welcome and comfortable.


Will Synchro distract from singles skating?

Not at all.  Our synchro program is an add on, meaning you are still required to continue with your single skating. Synchro skating focuses on developing edges, power and flow which will enhance your skating skills.


How much does it cost to skate with the team for a season?

There is a set fee that is determined depending on the number of skaters who are on the team. The fees cover all ice time, coaching, off-ice practices, competitions, dresses, uniforms, team functions, etc. There are also additional costs associated with competitions, such as meals and hotels. Payments are made on a schedule (lump sum payment is possible if preferred).


How many practices are there each week?

 1 – 2 practices on ice and off-ice practice per week.

Fall-Winter (September – March)

Beginner – Sundays at 8:15am-10:15am

Elementary – Wednesdays at 6pm-8pm & Sundays at 8:15am-11:15am

Note: Wednesday practices are held at East York Memorial Arena and Sunday practices are held at Commander Arena.